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Services We Offer 

DNA of Engagement offers a variety of services and support that will help elevate employee engagement, reducing workplace conflict and stress thus allowing you to focus on product development and customer service. 
Our simple philosophy is that in any business what matters most are the things that work. We believe that employee engagement matters and that looking after peoples wellbeing and having engaged employees works best for business. 
It is with this in mind that we aim to work with you to develop and implement the changes that can transform your business. 


we can undertake a development needs analysis (DNA) and use the results to focus on your specific needs to help target and shapeyour People Strategies; 
we will work to improve your understanding and approach to managing people's performance; 
we can suggest ways in which you can improve communications across the business; 
we will offer advice and assistance before. during and after any significant business change to help ensure your change projects run to plan; 
we can facilitate the learning and development of individuals and teams, delivering specific training and coaching interventions, if required. Aligned to this we can also help to develop and embed a coaching and learning culture that is right for you; 
we will work with your leaders and managers to motivate and develop their skills and assess the required level of support they need. We can also help put appropriate arrangements in place to ensure you managers adopt the right behaviours and continually develop their skills; 
we can raise awareness and understanding of the benefits and value of cultural diversity; 
we will look at how you can make best use of your existing staff and how you can attract, recruit and retain the talent that you need; 
we can help you benchmark your business against measures of excellence (eg BSI Standard's, NHS England Wellbeing Charter, Investors in People, Best Companies Award); 
we will look at peoples approach to managing their time and identify ways in which personal effectiveness can be improved; 
we can help you to build teams that are effective and focused on delivering customer service excellence. 


Personal development; 
Coaching (1 to 1); 
Develop personal strategies for success; 
Personal effectiveness and resilience; 
Work-life balance and stress management; 
Customer service excellence. 


Chartered Membership of the CIPD and Membership of the ILM and Association of Coaching; Governed by the code of practice and professional standards of these bodies 
20+ years post qualification experience 
Worked with a variety of services, in differing roles, helping senior leaders, middle managers and front-line staff to develop the skills, behaviors and mindset needed to be successful in their chosen field. 
Strong community ties 
a native of the south west who has retained permanent residence in the west country 
Client confidentiality 
Comprehensively insured 
Transparency and a commitment to act when things go wrong 
a clear commitment to resolving issues as they arise 


Establish an organisational culture of sustained high performance, productivity, service and innovation. 
Raise levels of employee engagement to ensure that of staff are productive and constantly adding value to the business. 
Improve the performance of managers and those that they manage. 
Motivate individuals and teams building a commitment to sustained and improved productivity 

What people say 

I met David when he gave a talk at the Management and Leadership Insight course that I'm doing. I was really inspired by what he said about leadership and how getting the right person for a job was the most important thing. It's certainly a value I hold dear 
Leadership Program participant at North Somerset Council 
As Corporate Trainer at North Somerset Council I worked with Dave, where together we mutually coached and trained across all levels. Dave has been a source of encouragement and motivation to many, including working alongside me to shape and deliver a program aimed at developing new and emerging leadership talent. He has coached individuals and has given guest speaker talks that have inspired others. 
Dave has the great mix of interpersonal skills, strategic vision and management experience and has been an inspiration to work with.” 
Clare-Elizabeth Leakey,  
Managing Director Watershed Learning and Development Ltd 
I wanted my organisation to have a set of shared values and behaviours which helped us to deal with challenging issues and change in a way which had confidence, respect and integrity . David provided us with the tools and thought processes to deliver 
David Turner, 
Director at North Somerset Council 
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