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DNA of Engagement 

We're focused on helping organisations to raise levels of employee engagement and become more productive and more profitable. We do this by offering a variety of services and support that will help elevate employee engagement and employee wellbeing, reducing workplace conflict and stress thus allowing you to focus on product development and customer service. 
We believe that we can help you to manage your business well and to develop a culture of actively engaged employees; a culture where employee engagement levels are high and where people not only perform well but also enjoy what they do
With this in mind we aim to work with you to develop and implement changes that will enhance employee wellbeing and transform your business. 
We are passionate about working with clients to create great places to work. This is the reason why DNA of Engagement exists - to bring an end to Monday morning blues through a process of cultural change that will result in you having employees who are committed to making your business a success
If this sounds like the organisation you are trying to build, please get in touch to see how we can help you. We want your organisation to be a great place to work and you and your employees to be a great team to do business with
Our ability to work alongside you to understand your values, your priorities and your business goals can assist making your business one of the best. 
the spotlight session from David Crossman, DNA of Engagement, who talked about the quick wins - the common sense, simple approach to engaging our employees, enhancing their wellbeing and behaviour resulting in business productivity and success. 
Encouraged by the subject matter there were continued discussions long after the session ended. The participants really interested and keen to get answers.. 
- Louise, HR Manager (2016) 


A world where 'Monday morning blues' are a thing of the past. 
We help people learn the behaviours and relationship skills required to create the very best places to work. 


DNA of Engagement exists to create 'workplaces that work' by supporting organsations in their efforts to thrive. 
Coming to work should be a positive experience, regardless of where, when or what you do - everyone benefits when we are happy at work and fully engaged. 


We offer ideas that can help raise the bar and create a positive change in employee wellbeing and levels of engagement. 
By improving work habits we can create a great company culture and deliver world class business results. 
We Believe in Honesty, Hard Work and Helping Others Succeed 
"As a Director of a large multi disciplinary public sector organisation I was looking for and needed dedicated support to develop the confidence and culture of the organisation at a time of continuous change. David designed and implemented a range of highly effective initiatives aimed at developing the personal skills and behaviours of middle and senior managers as well as unlocking the potential of groups and individuals within the organisation through effective communication and engagement.” David Turner, North Somerset Council 
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